Main Article – Introduction To Finance

Finance is a broad term used to describe various things regarding the study, production, and management of assets and liabilities. All these topics are related to financial science. It covers many areas such as business, where it is applied in business activities such as setting up business, managing business, budgeting, financing, buying and selling of securities, etc. It is also applicable in education, providing guidance to students in their choice of subjects, in business decisions, and in social sciences.

Finance has many fields of specialization. There is financial science of macroeconomics which studies the movement of money. Some of the popular branches of specialized area of financial field are consumer and business credit, personal and business finance, government finance, mortgage banking, venture capital, international finance, asset management, family finance, environmental finance, global economics, and public finance.

The main article of this article deals with the definition and uses of finance. In simple terms, finance is used to evaluate the potential of a financial instrument or portfolio. Various other terms are used in the financial arena such as financial risk, economic risk, credit risk, and the like. When there is financial risk, then some of the assets may not be returned even after you invest them. Economic risk refers to the risk that economy faced in the future. Credit risk refers to the risk of loan defaults.

The main purpose of Finance is to provide information regarding financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, securities, and loans. The information provided by Finance helps in decision making. It is essential to monitor and evaluate the performance of the market. It is crucial for all of us because finance is the basis of any financial services sector. Without proper finance, all the other productive factors will gradually decay.

It is the ultimate goal of Finance to facilitate economic growth and development. Its main role is to provide enough money to businesses and individuals so that they can make the productive use of their investment capital. This also leads to financial planning for the long-term interest of society. Without proper finance, there is no scope for the efficient utilization of assets for the benefit of the nation.

The main objective of Finance is to make investments that will eventually help in the economic growth. Corporate finance is one of the key sections of public finance. Many corporate organizations have their own finance department that facilitates the investors. Private investment groups also form the major part of the investment decisions. Private investors provide finance for both domestic and global purposes.